Join the International Month of Peace's "Ribbon Wave of Meditation and Prayer for Global Peace & Harmony", monthly, on the 21st of Oct 2016 through Sept 21, 2017! You only need to chose a 15-min, or more, time slot, on the 21st between 8 and 9pm, in your time zone. And let your friends know about this webpage also!! You and I can make it a success!!

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If 1,000,000 can gather to sing about changing our world!!!
Then we can do 10,000,000!! and more!! View this video!!!

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Week(s) coming by 2017, Day(s) coming by 2026, of Peace Celebration!

This is a fourteen (14) year project to have ten million (10,000,000) human souls meditating and praying for inner peace, (which leads to world peace) in every time zone, at the same time, no later than Sept 21, 2030.

Phase I: is  to have 100,000 in all time zones meditating the whole day of Sept 21, 2017!!

Please complete the form above to join our 12 month goal and to help bring one hundred thousand (100,000) into meditation and prayer for our world, by Sept 21, 2007 for the International Day(s) Month(s) of Peace Celebration of 2017.  You will be notified by email of all activities, on a monthly basis.

On the 21st of each month, from October 2016 through Sept 21, 2017, we will be hosting the same 24 hours of meditation at the top of each hour of 8pm in each time zone of our 24-hour time zone calendar.